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A matter of Life and Death

I strongly believe your psychological fitness and mental habits will absolutely make or break you in the line of duty. To go to the extreme examples, you don’t need to look far to find thousands of severe cases of mental illness in serving and former police officers. It is almost ingrained in the police culture that mental illness is just another challenge to deal with.

At the very worst it can end in you paying the ultimate sacrifice at your own hand.

You will potentially face traumatic stress in the police service equal to that which a soldier experiences in combat. Some would say even worse. It may shock you that thousands of Australian police are medically discharged suffering mental illness.

Perhaps more disturbing is the logic of certain police services avoiding the discussion of extreme mental illness (suicide), citing that it will only encourage more problems. (Verity, 2014)

Those officers that have gone before us and paid this ultimate price are not remembered by name on Police Remembrance Days. Nor will you find their names in the National Police Memorial.

I don’t tell you all this to depress you or scare you away. I write this to get your attention that your mental health and psychological resilience is one of your most important skills. Far more important than your investigatory skills and even more important that your skills with a firearm.

Why you might have to re-start your application

I heard a shocking story recently. It is a sound warning of some of the unexpected challenges you may face in police selection.

You may have heard that the Police service is a close-knit community. This is true. But you need to realise one thing…

As a police APPLICANT you are not yet in that community. You are currently an application form on someone’s desk. Or maybe not even that. You application might be in the police database somewhere – with no physical documents at all!

So if you miss a key step in the process or fail to submit a piece of paperwork. You will just as likely be scrubbed from the whole process.

This happened yesterday to one of our clients. He had already passed EVERY SINGLE test.

So was it a case of re-submitting the said piece of documentation? Not at all. He is now required to re-apply from the very beginning…

Remember… you are not a police officer… yet. 

4 New NSW Police Tests

This is the first of our more frequent blog on recent updates to police testing and what we’re doing to keep up with the most up to date preparation.

Today I’ll cover off quickly on the new NSW Police Entrance Test. There are four main categories to this. They are now:


Literacy Assessment: 33 questions in 40 minutes 

These are multiple choice questions designed to test your skills in spelling, grammar, comprehension and general english language skills.


Written Summary Task: 20 minutes writing

Here you are given a text of about a few paragraphs in length. You must then write 1/2 to 1 page in your own words summarising the content of the article.


Extended Writing task: 45 minutes writing

This one is a bit more involved. For starters you are expected to write about double than the above summary. Also, you are required to reflect on the positions of two opposing articles on a random topic.  You are also expected to input some of your own opinion into the piece where relevant. Please remember that it is primarily a writing test though. The purpose of the test is still to assess your spelling, grammar, sentence structure and ability to link sentences into logical paragraphs.


Verbal / Abstract Reasoning: 89 questions in 35 minutes (plus practice time of 10 minutes)

This is your basic aptitude test. Notably, there are no more numerical reasoning questions! Yay 🙂 This is one of the most sensible decisions of the new testing. What did maths ever have to do with being a police officer? (Specialists excepted :p)


So we’ve upgraded the eBook “Master the NSW Police Exams” accordingly and we’ll also be providing assistance for the police writing test components. This will be email support to correct your work. We will also include tips on how to rapidly improve. This will be specific to each person’s submission. If you’re interested in this – check out the updates to THE VAULT resource page.

Police Preparation Australia

Welcome to Australia’s newest and most modern police prep resource. We specialise in preparing you for police entrance exams through a variety of online training resources. The fact is that police entrance exam practice is no longer an option. It is becoming more and more competitive to become a police officer in each Australian state. Queensland Police recruitment in particular is seeing a huge surge in the numbers of interested applicants. This is reflected in the growing client list of Queensland applicants using the resources here at Police Preparation Australia. So if you’re looking to optimise your chances of selection – you’re in the right place.

We’re also constantly updating our resources. This includes recent updates to “Master the Victoria Police Exams” which now more accurately reflects the preparation needed for the Victoria Police test.

This blog is the perfect place to check back frequently on updates to police recruitment news across Australia.

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