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Police and CrossFit?

Police and CrossFit!

I’m John Ashburton from Police Preparation Australia - today we're talking to Arthur at CrossFit Valve in Sydney about why CrossFit is taking off in Australia and why we're seeing police applicants and even police officers, or should I say why they should even consider jumping in on this new lifestyle. So thanks for chatting today Arthur, I'm pretty excited to share what we're talking about today because at Police Prep what we do is all about giving people the tools and resources that I wish I had when I had started my police selection, and even in my police career, honestly, especially on the physical front now that I personally train at CrossFit. I mean yeah, I really wish I had got into it before my police career. So can you share a quick overview of the difference between CrossFit and going to the gym?  

Sure thing John - look the main difference with CrossFit and your regular gym is when you come to a CrossFit gym you're greeted by a coach, the coach is there to mentor you, help you with your technique, help keep you accountable and also set you up with the correct mindset for a career in either the police force or military or the fire service, no matter where you're wishing to apply and choose for a career, your coach is going to be the person to get you prepared - not only for the initial testing but also for the career itself. Most applicants find they stress out with the initial test, which is quite normal, however what I experienced is I've found that the basic training, or your next day of training is actually what's a little bit more difficult, so not only will your coach prepare you for the initial test but a life long career.  

That's interesting because I know actually where I train at CrossFit there are actually a lot of serving police officers.  I mean why is it that you think that CrossFit does work so well for people in the police? If we look at CrossFit as a program, it's a strength and conditioning program, so first of all doing a CrossFit program is going to get you stronger. Okay you need strength to have speed and power, you also need the conditioning side of things for endurance stamina and speed, so it ticks all the boxes in that way, but also that being a program that's generally physical to prepare. So in layman's terms it's going to get you ready for the unknown and unknowable, so for a challenge or a test it you might not know is coming up around the corner, CrossFit's going to help prepare you for that.

All right well look I know a lot of people that I've met, and you know certainly me as well,  even when I was in the police service, like I never got into it when I was still in. I wish I did for sure for now, but you know I think I was probably in that category a lot of people fall into. Like we're at different stages whether it was before I was in, when I was in, after I was in, it was always like you know, I'd see it on a youtube video about it or something like that. It always seemed to be like "Oh that's for athletes or something" but you know now I train there, I know that's not the case. But what would you say to people about finding the right time to start something like CrossFit?

Look in terms of finding time most people are quite generally quite busy especially during the application process. You've got another job, you've got to tick all the boxes for these police services, it's quite arduous and time-consuming. What I would say to you, certainly it doesn't get any easier once you're in the police either - but my advice to someone who wishes to start out at CrossFit is make it a priority. Have a look at your your current day-to-day and all the activities that you need to do, and perhaps find an hour of your day just to put CrossFit in there. If you're being serious about applying to the police services or the military, Defence Force, you should be able to find one hour a day and it's quite easy to get started. Here at CrossFit Valve we have an introduction which is like a sit down consultation where we'll get to hear your story and what your goals are and that'll enable us to better train you, and more specifically - help you pass your initial testing and then also the next stage of training as well.

Ok, sure I mean is there any sort of like - people often ask us with the police prep stuff - like a benchmark level of fitness to get started with just the selection - I mean with something like CrossFit do people have to be at a certain level of fitness before they come and knock on your door? Well the answer is "no they don't have a prerequisite of fitness", if you're able to just walk in walk into the door then you've passed the first test. You just walk in the gym. That's just usually the hardest part for most people.The coaches are quite professional they will sit down with you and actually hear and actually do an assessment of your physical ability and that's just going to enable us to train you better.

Sure yes, I mean actually it's funny because I know we were just chatting offline before this this quick interview. Arthur you actually had someone just come in your front door a few minutes ago is that right? Can you just talk a bit about that? John, that's actually quite funny that you bring it back up, but yes about three minutes earlier I was setting up my screen and monitor here, I had a young lady walk through the door wishing to start CrossFit training and I asked her "Why would you like to start?" That's usually the first question we'll ask is "What's your reason?" "What's your why?" I think that's quite important, and she mentioned that she's joining the police or she's wishing to apply and then join and become a police officer so I just thought the just the timing was very, very cool. So I mean, for  people in Sydney, you know that might be in that situation, looking for joining, or I don't know where they're at, as we mentioned that people are at different stages watching this. If they are interested in actually getting started and they're in your area how do they go about it? Look mostly

viewers are probably all around Australia and if you are out of the state just check up your local CrossFit Gym. I've met a lot of CrossFit owners and they're all really great to work with. If you're in Sydney I would say give us a call, just go to look up CrossFit Valve and speak to either myself one of the other trainers. I would love to listen to your story and why you want to be a police officer and why you want to get going. It's really easy once you've called us - or alternatively if you don't feel like calling you can just send us a message through social media like Facebook and Instagram, or even jump on the website and send a quick message and we can get you going.

Thanks very much for chatting today, I wanted to keep this pretty brief because I know you're busy, I'm busy, so you want to keep going, but yes thanks so much, because I really think this will help people - again I wished I had got into this way earlier, so yes thanks again for your time Arthur.

Thanks John have a great day. Cheers.