Cognify Mini Games

COVID-19 UPDATE: Northern Territory Police, Tasmania Police have been using a new online assessment called COGNIFY  for sometime. For WAPOL applicants this is also being used.

In WA, you will likely sit the PEE (face to face exam) and then as part of your subsequent Psych testing, require to also sit the Cognify Mini-Games exam.

The rest of this page talks about the Cognify Mini Games. If you are sitting the face to face PEE, then remember to also use your additional maths training areas, WA Audio, WA Audio Visual and WA Writing Test components in your left menu.

As for the Cognify mini games:

This test includes problem solving (abstract reasoning), numerical reasoning (mathematics) and verbal knowledge (english skills and verbal reasoning)

This video below explains what you are likely to see during this assessment and how to best prepare.

We have now released our app for both Android and iOS which you can install on your device via the instructions further below this video.

UPDATE: The following lessons also give you insight into why and how to prepare for each of the Cognify mini-games.