Getting the Edge…

“The actions you take today will ultimately determine your successful and fulfilling police career”
Being selected as a police officer in Australia is a challenge.
New recruitment strategies combined with a competitive employment industry means it’s now tougher than ever to make it to the Police Academy.

Give yourself the edge and avoid making these
five common errors by police applicants…

1. “I’ve met a few police. They said it was easy to get in.”

Police recruitment tests, exams, interviews and screening techniques are constantly developing and improving to ensure only the best applicants make it through to the academy. It is an expensive process to train a police recruit. In today’s environment people are highly accountable for their actions. This includes recruitment officers who are under pressure to select applicants who will make excellent police officers. It may have been a tick and flick process years ago but the selection of recruit squads is now a highly considered process involving multiple approval levels, background checks and cross-checks.

2. “You can’t train for aptitude tests.”

There is a misconception that aptitude tests are designed to evaluate your natural IQ or trainability. This is not true. Aptitude tests are very predictable tests with a limited range of question types. With the correct preparation you can rapidly improve your test results. Your preparation in this field will be noticeable to recruitment staff and will make you stand out from the crowd.

3. “I will get fit at the police academy.”

There are more and more demands placed on the modern police officer. This translates to more and more content to be included in the course of instruction at the police academy. This means less fitness training on the actual training program and a stronger onus on you to maintain and develop your fitness in your own time.

By building a strong level of fitness prior to the academy, you will not only perform more competitively during selection exams but you will also be in a position to focus on the academic requirements after hours. You will also cope better with the demanding requirements to assimilate the full range of instruction at the academy.

Being fit and healthy is also critical to a fulfilling and productive police career. The nature of police work present unique challenges. Shift work, overtime, long periods of inactivity are only a few of the obstacles to a healthy level of fitness. By getting fit prior to starting at the police academy you are more likely to maintain and even build on that fitness throughout your police career.

4. “I don’t have time to make extra preparations.”

We all have numerous demands on our time and it will be more difficult for some to fit in preparation for the recruitment tests and interviews. Yet limiting your preparations will limit your chances of success.

It can be overwhelming to look at the full range of tests. Take a few minutes to review the specific test requirements and identify what areas need the most work. You will find that just a few hours a week will rapidly boost your confidence and ultimately your performance during selection.

5. “I’m competing against some pretty average applicants.”

There is no shortage of police applicants in Australia. Yet you have no doubt seen the significant resources put into advertising the benefits and excitement of a police career. The entire focus these recruitment campaigns is to attract highly skilled and competent people into the police – and these campaigns work.

You will be considered alongside a wide range of highly qualified applicants. These include university graduates, qualified professionals, security workers and ex-military personnel. These people bring extremely relevant skills to the job. Actual test results and performance is paramount but such background experience assists recruitment officers to rank applicants in the selection pool.

The training programs here are designed to give you maximum improvement in the shortest amount of time. You will find concise and readable instruction as well as the best tools and strategies to tailor an efficient training system which is best for you.


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