Get prepared for Australian Police Career

Being a police officer is a great privilege. It is one of the few careers which provide so much opportunity for personal satisfaction whilst giving so much back to the community. Whilst it is a stable income with guaranteed work shifts it is never boring because the unexpected can happen and often does.

So right now, this week, today, are you ready to become a police officer?

You don’t want to be considering this question for the first time during your psychological and selection interviews. The fact that you are reading this page already puts you leaps ahead of many police applicants who never ask themselves this question. Consider how recruiting agencies are meant to answer this question if the applicant has not even considered it? Recruiting don’t know you. Only YOU can confidently answer this question.

The question is not whether you have the specific skills to be a police officer, but whether you are ready to embark on a challenging adventure unlike anything else on offer in society. It comes down to having a good enough reason to do this. If you have clear and sound reasons for becoming a police officer then you are ready.

Whilst this is a career of service to the community, it is important that you have clarity on exactly what you want to gain personally from joining the police. There is nothing wrong with having clear reasons on what you want to get out of this.

Take out a piece of paper and write down everything you want to gain by joining the police. If you are struggling to do this, there are some example suggestions on the next page. Try to write down a few on your own first before looking at the example. It doesn’t have to be based on any rules or written in any particular order. Just take out a pen and start writing! Spend at least ten minutes doing this.


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