Police Fitness – Nutrition

 Are your habits healthy or hazardous?

Being fit and healthy is fundamental to your successful police application and your subsequent police career. Your overall health will always be determined by your lifestyle. Or more specifically, your daily habits in what you eat and what sort of physical activities you do. This page is an introduction to the fundamentals of nutrition and physical activity. You will also learn four daily changes you can make right now to boost your energy and put 110% into your police preparations.

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“You are what you eat.” This is more than just a funny little saying. It is a powerful message if you truly grasp the consequences of how much your food choices affect your daily life. You might also be familiar with the abbreviation “GIGO” – or “Garbage In Garbage Out.” However you choose to frame it, there is no way around this basic fact. You cannot pick and choose which of the foods you consume is going to provide you fuel. If you eat it, it is going to affect you. You don’t need a complex diet program to answer this basic question each time you eat:

Is this food good fuel to my body?”

Many of us make nutrition more complex than it needs to be. Chances are, that if you’re reading this, you have already read other books and articles to identify what foods are best for you and how much of them (or how little!) you need to eat.

If you’re a healthy weight and have good fitness you may still be pleasantly surprised at how focussing on improving you diet can boost your energy and performance.

Everything from your emotional habits and your mental focus through to your physical capabilities and appearance are all significantly effected by what fuel you give your body.

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 Two Daily Habits to Boost Your Energy!

policehats1. Say ‘NO’ to sugar! Give yourself the gift of energy all day long and say goodbye to the afternoon sugar crash. Limit your sugar intake to a couple of pieces of fruit in the morning and you will see noticeable boost in daily energy levels in a matter of days.

2. Superhydrate! You’ve been advised to drink water before. Now actually do it. Develop a daily habit of consuming a half a litre of water before breakfast and two litres over the remaining day and you will again see a noticeable change within days.