What are the Police Interview Questions?

I certainly remember that wanting to find out all about the actual questions inside the police interview was one of my primary concerns when preparing for my police selection process.


I had quite a bit of other experience to draw on but really wanted to know the specifics about what was going to go on in the interview.


Whilst finding out a little about the likely questions, I discovered it was more important to understand the purpose of the questions and why they were being asked.


Unfortunately, most people look at finding out about interview questions at a superficial level only. So they want to find out what are the actual questions so they can have a think about how to answer.


This can be useful but it is far from the ideal approach that will get you selected in the next police recruit squad.


The deeper level of understanding is that they are looking at very deep motivations and character history to make a judgement on your suitability.


If you can relate to what they really want to know, you make their job easier in determining whether or not you are suitable. You also give yourself the best opportunity to show your best and most relevant side during the interview.


Therefore, it is very important that you understand the purpose behind the questions.


So here are the three main things the interviewer wants to know about you.


1. Are you a cultural fit for this organisation?

2. Do you have the intrinsic motivation to endure the challenges of police training as well as the career that follows?

3. Do you have the basic skills and character that the police can work with to quickly train you to the requirements of an operational police officer?


In case that sounds complex, here are the same questions but in very simple terms. These are much easier to work with:


1. Would I like working with you?

2. Are you motivated to do police work?

3. Do you have the foundation character and skills needed?


This idea of understanding the purpose of the questions is just the beginning of much more advanced interview preparation.


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Kind Regards,

John Ashburton
Police Preparation Australia

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