Numerical reasoning questions can be technically difficult. In this short video you’ll learn a simple technique to help choose the correct answer and get an introduction to speed, time and distance questions in your police entrance exam.


Read below for the complete answer to the question on Mike and Jim driving to the Bus Station:

As mentioned in the video, the main lesson I wanted to share here is how to convert speed into km per hour so you have an equal measurement to work with.

However, in case you’re wondering what the complete answer to this question is: This is how it works!

Question: Mike and Jim are about to drive their own car’s to the bus station, 90km away. If Mike’s car leaves at 9.00am travelling 9km every 12 minutes and Jim’s car leaves at 9.15am and travels 10km every 10 minutes, who arrives first and by how long?

Solution: To start with, we have worked out in the video above the speeds of both Mike and Jim:

Mike travels at 45kph

Jim travels at 60kph

Therefore it takes Mike two hours to travel 90km (90 / 45 = 2 hours)

And it takes Jim 1.5 hours to travel 90km (90 / 60 = 1.5 hours)

So that means that Mike leaves at 9.00am and arrives a 11.00am

Jim leaves at 9.15am and arrives at 10.45am.

So the answer is that Jim arrives 15 minutes before Mike.