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Police Academy Blueprint

Welcome to the Police Academy Blueprint…

Congratulations on making it in to the Early Bird access to The Police Academy Blueprint.

You may now download your bonus access to the Advanced Aptitude eBook upgrade below.

CLICK HERE to download your bonus eBook (remember to save it to your device or computer)

We’re set to go live with the first webinar in the next week. Please CLICK HERE to register for week one.

Please remember to register for a session each week, even if you can’t make it. That way you will automatically receive a video replay of your session.

All you’ll need to do is follow the links in your email each Sunday which will allow you to select your preferred webinar time for the following week.

Thank you again for enrolling in the Police Academy Blueprint. We’ve included a bonus training video for you below to take a look at prior to commencement of the proper course!