Police Liaison Officer in Queensland.

Queensland Police Liaison Officers (PLO) are there to establish and maintain a positive rapport between culturally specific communities and the local police service. The role of Police Liaison Officer is to promote trust and understanding by assisting the community and police to reduce and prevent crime. This can help and divert people from the criminal justice system and advise and educate police officers on culture and cultural issues. This can ultimately improve community knowledge of law and order issues and policing services.

If you have a varied background and knowledge, skills and experience in this area, plus you value diversity, then you may consider a career as a Police Liaison Officer. 

Although a Police Liaison Officer’s uniform is the same blue uniform as police officers, their different rank is denoted by their yellow shoulder epaulettes and ‘Police Liaison Officer’ name badge on their shirts. Police Liaison Officers in the Torres Strait however, have blue/green shoulder epaulettes. PLO officers wear a hat which has a yellow chequered band and a ‘Police Liaison Officer’ badge.

Police Liaison Officer positions are generally ‘culture specific’ and QLD only recruit when there is a suitable vacancy. You will need to follow a specific process and meet certain requirements as follows:

  1. Research the Role: Familiarise yourself with the responsibilities and duties of a Police Liaison Officer in Queensland. PLOs in QLD work to build positive relationships between the police and the community, particularly with diverse and marginalised groups.
  2. Meet Eligibility Criteria: Ensure you meet the eligibility requirements set by the Queensland Police Service. These requirements may include holding a valid driver’s licence, and having no criminal convictions. You should also meet the necessary character and background checks.
  3. Be flexible: Police Liaison Officers need to be prepared to do shift work and also work weekends, to ensure the policing needs of the area are met.

If you are selected for a PLO position, you will undergo training provided by the Queensland Police Service. This training will equip you with the necessary knowledge and skills to perform your role effectively. After training, you will typically enter a probationary period where your performance will be assessed. Ultimately Queensland Police encourage PLO’s to utilise their training programs to further enhance skills and career opportunities. 

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