Police Test Upgraded

We recently conducted a random survey of what you would like more help with and the cognitive police testing came out in front by quite a bit. Therefore we’ve been busy upgrading the online police test system in THE VAULT. Read on for more details on the new system…


So if you’ve already got access to THE VAULT be sure to check out the new EXTENDED POLICE QUIZ which will has a few extra features:

1. The test will now generate 70 random questions ranging from abstract reasoning, verbal reasoning to numerical reasoning.

2. There are additional verbal reasoning questions included.

3. You have the option to select ‘Practice Mode’ which means you will receive feedback and explanations on each questions as you go. ie. The answer will be displayed as soon as you click ‘NEXT’.

4. You have the option to adjust the length of the quiz from 1 to 70 questions.

5. The test will allow 45 minutes for completion.

We welcome any feedback you might have on the new upgrade and look forward to helping you optimise your police preparation!


For a limited period – until midnight Saturday night – we’re offering a free sample of the upgraded extended police quizzes. Please note there are some subtle differences between some of the state tests, so please click your particular state below to access your limited trial:







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