Preparing for Police Entry Testing.

Policing is a highly sought after and challenging career with many applicants. If you are preparing yourself for Police Entry tests, at Police Prep Australia our goal is to bring the most suitable (and motivated) applicants up to speed in the required testing fields. Our resources are designed to give you the help you need to take action on your preparation and optimise your chances of success.

Once you purchase from us, you get unrestricted access to our Police Mastery courses. So whether you have one day before your testing or one year, you can be assured that you’re safe to invest today and lock in your access at today’s price.

Whether you choose to pay the 4 x fortnightly payments or one payment upfront, you get ongoing access.  We offer Lifetime access, your membership does not expire! Plus, you also get access to any updates we may choose to make which reflect updates in the recruiting process.

So, if you want to:

  • Get Selected FIRST TIME
  • Outperform your competition
  • Shave hours off your study time
  • Avoid FREEZING UP in your exams
  • Make test prep EASY

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                There is never a better time to unlock your full potential.

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