Literacy Training - Quiz 1

The quiz has been designed to be completed within approximately 35 minutes, you may want to set yourself a timer to ensure you stick within the designated time.

You are required to review the information and content provided to you and answer the questions in the quiz below.

Below is a passage and poster in relation to fatigued driving. 
Please answer the following quiz based on the information provided.

'Fatigue is one of the big three killers on roads in Australia. Driver fatigue is one of the top three contributors to fatalities on the roads in Australia. Being awake for about seventeen hours has a similar effect on performance as a blood alcohol content (BAC) of 0.05. This poster was created to create awareness for drivers who drive fatigued. It is advertised to remind drivers to test how tired they are before getting behind the wheel.'

Below is an article and survey results based on misleading claims found in many of our favourite supermarkets.
Please answer the following quiz based on this information.

'Many of our favourite packaged food and beverages found at the supermarket could have us believing we are making the right choices for our families. Eye catching false statements such as “Sugar Free”, “Organic” and “High in Protein” are leading consumers to identify certain food companies and products to be ‘healthy’. Little do they know, these products may be the reason there has been such an increase on many health related issues in Australia.

The below graph presents the results based from a recent survey conducted by shoppers who had these misleading products in their shopping carts. The survey outlines the main reason as to why shoppers made the choice to purchase the product.  

All shoppers surveyed were moderately health conscious and believed they were making the healthier choice for themselves and their families. Majority of them were surprised when we unfolded to them the actual ingredients and nutritional information of the products. As well as the health impact these products could potentially have.

Many of these products are perceived as beneficial to our health, even though they may be highly processed, full of sugar and high in calories. Consumers are urged to be wary of the misleading packaging and false claims. They are advised to read the nutritional table, ingredients and serving sizes usually located on the back of all products.'

Below is a car advertisement uploaded to a website called Pre-Loved
Please answer the following quiz based on this advertisement.

Below is an email and attachment sent within a Public Relations Company.
Please answer the following quiz based on this information.

Function Conduct Policy + Guidelines

Sally heard about the opening of the new Ice Rink - Attack Twice and purchased some tickets. She received the following letter and map via email. 
Please answer the following quiz based on the information she received. 

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