Literacy Training - Quiz 2

This quiz has been designed to be completed within approximately 35 minutes, you may want to set yourself a timer to ensure you stick within the designated time. You are required to review the passages provided to you and answer the questions in the quiz below.


Read the following text and then answer the multiple choice questions that follow:

A research group in Adelaide called the HALEY FOUNDATION conducted a study that monitored the crime rate of Sunny Hill during the entire years of 2008 and 2009. The researchers noticed that Ripton Street endured prolific rates of traffic offences compared with the rest of the area. Additionally, they found that most offences were detected during the hours 7pm till 2am each night of the week.

Assaults in the Sunny Hill area occurred most frequently on Thursday, Friday and Saturday nights. Demographically, the majority of offenders and victims were aged between 18 and 25 years. In 2009 there were less assaults reported but a higher number of people were charged with circumstances of aggravation. This was, in almost all cases, due to weapons such as smashed bottles and belts being used. Sarah Thompson stated, “I think it’s due to all the drugs people are taking these days. They feel like they really need to hurt someone and so they pick up whatever they can find.”

In regards to the incidents of burglary in the area, researchers found no pattern within the area. All streets were marginally affected by such crimes. Mark Barry, a who lives on Burton Street, stated, “I think it is good that there are more young families moving in to the area and people are more active exercising around the neighbourhood. It seems a very safe place to live.”

The HALEY FOUNDATION intend to conduct another study for a similar period of time commencing in 2018.


In 1997, the Kent forest ranger reported a dramatic increase in animal boldness. It was observed that the once timid deer now roam the roads built into the forest which may have resulted in a rise in animal related accidents. Dr. Smith, an expert in wild animal behavior, was called in to investigate the reason for this anomaly. Further studies conducted by Dr. Smith resulted in his conclusion that the ever decreasing animal habitat is due to human encroachment.

Based on the above, answer the following questions:


“Parenting is a highly contentious issue. There is no shortage of books, blogs, experts and opinions on how to parent. One recently published book, “Parentonomics’, by Joshua Gans, offers a refreshing perspective on this popular theme. Gans is an economist and his views on parenting are closely tied to his training in addressing economic challenges and problems. Among other topics, Gans cautions against reliance on incentives and the potential risks when children attempt to manipulate events. One example of this being an older sister helping to toilet train her younger brother. As she received rewards when her brother made a successful toilet stop, she then started giving him additional drinks of water! One of the more controversial implications in the book is that many things we do as parents may not have the impact we think.”

Based on the above, answer the following questions:


"Obesity is a medical condition in which a person’s body fat exceeds 20% of their ideal weight based on their BMI (Body Mass Index). Obesity increases the likelihood of various diseases such as heart disease, type 2 diabetes, breathing difficulties, certain cancers and osteoarthritis. In a recent study among a group of 20 men and women aged between 18 - 35, it was found that consuming excessive calories and lack of physical activity were the most common causes of obesity. In some cases it was found that genes, endocrine disorders, medications and psychiatric illnesses also had an impact on a person’s weight. Evidence also supported that when some obese people eat less the still gain weight due to a slow metabolism. There are a number of ways to treat obesity, the most common are dieting and physical exercise. There are also anti-obesity drugs that can be prescribed by a medical professional to reduce appetite or inhibit fat absorption. In severe cases, surgery can be performed to reduce stomach volume, therefore reducing the volume of food that can be consumed. Obesity is increasing in prevalence amongst all ages and is a serious health concern."

Based on the above, answer the following questions:


"Road rage is a serious issue which requires attention. This is the sudden violent anger provoked in a motorist due to the actions of other drivers which can result in aggressive and erratic  driving and behaviour. Road rage studies are conducted every 3 years in Australia and studies dated 2015 show that year by year road rage is becoming a major concern. Many argue that it is primarily due to the uncivil behaviour of drivers who refuse to respect the legal and moral rights of others. In 2015 it was recorded that road rage related accidents on Australian roads increased by 15% and the researchers suspected an ongoing rise. The mentality and attitude of drivers behind the wheel are usually a major issue. In many scenarios road rage results in car accidents. A recent study indicated that anger was the most common cause of road range. Situations that can cause road rage include; heavy traffic or gridlock, feeling stressed, construction delays or detours, distracted driving, loud music, slow driving, making obscene gestures to other drivers, tailgating, changing lanes too quickly and overusing the car horn. There are two types of road rage. Habitual road rage is learned behaviour where drivers have learned to drive in an aggressive manner and Situational road rage, based on the situation that surrounds a driver such as receiving bad news and then driving aggressively.  Researches suggest that road rage can minimised through reminders to drivers to have consideration to road rules, other drivers, the practice of simple safety measures and adhering to the laws and regulations put in place to keep all those on the roads safe."

Based on the above, answer the following questions:

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