Literacy Test Training

As part of the Assessment Centre Day, the AFP require you to complete a literacy ability test. This may include tasks that require you to respond to questions after assimilating a short amount of information in the form of text, image or even graphs. You may be required to process the information by reading a short narrative, listening to an audio tape or watching a video. This will assess your attention to detail and your ability to make sense of a situation based on limited information. It is important you answer the questions based ONLY on what information you are provided. Making assumptions is a dangerous habit for police officers.

The following quizzes area will assist you in preparing for the literacy testing. This  training area is broad literacy training to improve your literacy abilities across all levels.

Other ways to improve your literacy skills are  to listen to daily media reports or watch short news clips and then write short summaries on how you would explain the story in your own words and what are the primary messages being conveyed.

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