Introducing… THE VAULT

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THE VAULT is a constantly updated online source equipped with the latest tools and techniques for police preparation. It currently includes:

  • Access to our random aptitude test generator. Literally HUNDREDS of questions that dwarf our initial content of cognitive testing questions. If you’ve ever been frustrated by online quizzes that don’t explain the answers then this testing system is for you – because as always, We’ve included thorough explanations for EVERY question so that you can rapidly improve your skills.
  • Additionally, these aptitude tests are optimised for performance on any device from your iPhone through to your desktop PC.
  • Additional police writing test practice with sample videos and questions. You will submit your answers online. We will then mark your response and provide personalised feedback straight to your email.
  • Lifetime updates of “Master the Queensland Police Exams” (including the FREE bonus eBooks) ensuring you always have access to the latest editions.
  • The author John Ashburton’s personal email address that you can ask specific questions about your selection process and preparation.

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