Question 1. Factual Reporting Question

Provide a written summary of the crime reported below. Whilst the notes provided are in abbreviated format, your report must be written in complete sentences and paragraphs.

This is an assessment of your ability to create a written report in logical order, clearly understood and with correct spelling, punctuation and grammar.

Basic Facts:
Location of Offence: 78 Ryder Street, Mt Gambier
Time of Offence: Between 5pm and 8pm, 16th August 2020
Suspects: Two unknown people
Age of Suspects: Not known
Victim: James Gordon
Address of Victim: 78 Ryder Street, Mt Gambier
Witness: Sarah Ryan
Address of Witness: 77 Ryder Street, Mt Gambier

Description of Events:
Willful damage to property of the victim’s home
Front bedroom window smashed
Rock found inside window
Window was fine when victim left house at 5pm. Broken when returned at 8pm.
Witness was in front room of her own house opposite victim’s house
Witness was reading stories to children. Heard glass break at 7.15pm. Saw 2 people running away from victim’s house. Dark. Poor visibility. Distance 100 meters.

Described 2 people running away:
Person 1: 6 foot tall, lean build, wearing hoodie.
Person 2: 5 foot tall, heavy build, wearing hoodie. Slower than person 1.
Suspects ran east. Did not see where to. Witness stayed in her house. Called Police.

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Question 2.

Correct the following sentences.

NOTE: For each question below you must re-write the entire sentence. The quiz is also case sensitive so capital letters and punctuation must also be correct.

Question 3.

Expressive Writing

“Stage 4 Lockdown in Melbourne is an important step to ensure COVID-19 is effectively suppressed in Australia.”

Write an organised and logical response to the statement above in the box below. We recommend your response is approximately 200 words.

We will review your submission in terms of expressing a logical and easily understood response. Ensure you use correct spelling, punctuation and grammar. It is a good idea to leave a few minutes to review your answer before submitting. 

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