Specialist roles in the Australian Police Service – Dog Handler in the Dog Squad.

All of the police services in Australia have specialist roles and one of these specialist roles is that of a Dog Handler as part of the Dog Squad. The Dog Squad is an important specialist unit in the Australian Police Service that utilises highly trained dogs to assist in various policing tasks. Dog handlers are police officers who are specially trained to work with and handle police dogs, also known as K9s. They are responsible for the care and training of police dogs, as well as using them to assist in various law enforcement activities.

To become a dog handler in the Australian Police Service, officers must first complete the standard training required of all police officers. After this, they may apply to become a dog handler and undergo additional training. The training for dog handlers typically lasts for several months and covers a range of topics, including dog handling techniques, obedience training, search and rescue operations, and drug detection.

Once they have completed their training, dog handlers work alongside their K9 partners to carry out a variety of law enforcement activities. This may include searching for missing persons, tracking suspects, detecting drugs, and providing support during high-risk operations.

Dog handlers are required to be physically fit and able to handle large, strong dogs. They must also have a good understanding of dog behaviour and training techniques. In addition, they must be able to work well under pressure and have strong communication skills.

Overall, the Dog Squad is an essential unit within the Australian Police Service and dog handlers play an important role in this, being highly valued for their skills and expertise in working with police dogs.

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