The dangers of police using neck holds whilst arresting suspects.

The use of neck holds, also known as chokeholds or strangleholds, by police officers during an arrest is a controversial and potentially dangerous practice. The primary danger of using neck holds is that they can restrict blood flow and oxygen to the brain, which can cause unconsciousness, brain damage, or death.

The risk of injury or death is particularly high when neck holds are used in situations where the suspect is already in a state of distress, such as when they are intoxicated, suffering from a mental health crisis, or have pre-existing medical conditions. Additionally, neck holds can be difficult to apply properly, and if applied incorrectly, can result in unintended injury or death.

There have been numerous cases of individuals who have died as a result of neck holds used by police officers. In some cases, the use of a neck hold was found to be a contributing factor in the death of the suspect. In other cases, the use of a neck hold was deemed to be excessive force and a violation of the suspect’s civil rights.

For these reasons, many police departments have banned the use of neck holds, or have restricted their use to only the most extreme situations. Additionally, there has been a growing call for police departments to explore alternative methods of restraining suspects that do not pose the same risks as neck holds.

As reported in this article from The Australian, most AU Police don’t recommend this tactic.

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