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This is comprehensive training system designed to rapidly prepare you for successful selection into your state police service. Optimise your training with detailed explanations as well as personal feedback on certain aspects of your training.


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The Western Australia Police is known for upholding the highest physical entry standards of any police service in the country. Depending on your age and gender you will be required to score up to level 10.1 on the multi-stage fitness test as well as complete numerous other physical tasks including the “Illinois Agility Test”. Again, the Western Australia Police has the highest standard for this agility test for both men and women of any police service in the country.

Yet to make it to the physical assessment training stage, you must first negotiate a gruelling series of aptitude, spelling, writing, psychological, numerical reasoning and selection interviews.

The duration of the selection process will take some months depending on how many recruit squads are planned and how competitive your application. If you pass each stage of selection you will eventually be ranked amongst the hundreds of other applicants and graded into a selection pool. When the next recruit squad is trained only the top thirty applicants will be selected. So it is critical that you perform at your very best during each stage of testing.

Police Recruiting staff are looking for only the best applicants. At Police Preparation Australia, we are primarily focussed on getting you up to speed on the tougher aspects of physical selection as well as the series of written tests and interviews you will face in the earlier stages of selection.