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Here at Police Prep Australia https://policeprep.com.au/, we specialise in preparing you for police entrance exams through a variety of online training resources. The fact is that police entrance exam practice is no longer an option. It is becoming more and more competitive to become a police officer in each Australian state. Queensland Police recruitment in particular is seeing a huge surge in the numbers of interested applicants. This is reflected in the growing client list of Queensland applicants using the resources here at Police Preparation Australia. So if you’re looking to optimise your chances of selection – you’re in the right place.

We’re also constantly updating our resources. QLD Police, VIC Police and AFP, all use ACER for their testing and we have updated our resources to reflect their most current testing. Most states will want to test your written communication skills and literacy standards, some states also include writing tests and our resources offer practice writing subjects with the opportunity to receive personalised feedback. 

All our resources are provided to you online. Not only is this the fastest and easiest way to deliver the content, it also allows us to make any changes required very quickly, plus you also receive any updates we make automatically. The majority of the resources are delivered via our custom online training system that works on any device from your desktop down to your mobile phone. Some of the additional resources such as the eBooks themselves are in PDF format so you can read and print from any device or computer.

Our goal is to bring the most suitable (and motivated) applicants up to speed in the required testing fields and we are always happy to help, so please don’t hesitate to contact us if you require any assistance 🙂. 

Within the Australian Police Service, diversity brings a range of perspectives, experiences, and skills that are crucial for effective policing and maintaining public trust. Here are several key reasons why diversity is essential in the Australian Police Service: Representation and Trust: A diverse police service is better able to represent and connect with the diverse

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There are several rewards that come with being a police officer. Some of these include: Making a positive difference in your community: Police officers play a critical role in maintaining law and order, ensuring public safety, and protecting the community from harm. By working as a police officer, you have the opportunity to make a

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Mounted police units have long been a fixture in policing, embodying a timeless symbol of strength, discipline, and community connection. In the age of modern policing, where high-tech gadgets and fast-paced vehicles dominate the landscape, the sight of officers on horseback remains a captivating and effective approach to maintaining public safety. Mounted Police are a

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