About Police Preparation Australia


We have a passion for helping motivated candidates prepare for a successful police career.

Our goal is to bring the most suitable (and motivated) applicants up to speed in the required testing fields.

We’re also committed to helping you make an informed decision on whether or not a police career is right for you.


Police Preparation Australia will assist you prepare for recruitment tests and interviews. We draw on the experience of military and police training selection systems to provide you custom packages to optimise your preparations.

All final products are compiled by Police Preparation Founder, John Ashburton.

John is a former Police Constable and a highly qualified instructor who gets results – FAST.

His tools, strategies and techniques will get you rapidly up to speed in the most challenging aspects of police selection. This is a comprehensive training system designed to rapidly prepare you for selection into an Australian Police Service.

John Ashburton’s Qualifications:
– Diploma of Public Safety (Policing)
– Bachelor Degree in Training and Development
– Certified in training instruction
– Certified in training supervision
- Certified in training assessment
- Qualified Military Instructor
- Graduated DUX of State Police Squad

I just received my test results this morning and I am so happy to say I was successful! Now onto the next step! Still can't thank you guys enough. Your Police Prep was such a massive help. Thanks heaps on helping me achieve my goals.

Police Applicant                 
wanting to gain knowledge on how to ace the police exam. Besides the valuable tools, to my surprise, I was blown away with the constant communication and prompt reply to my questions! you don’t get that often with others. The books are very well structured and gets to the specifics with a coherent format, making it easy to follow and enjoyable to read. A big thanks to John and the team!
Police Applicant                 


We are absolutely confident that this is your best option for Police Exam preparation. If you’re not 100% satisfied, simply send us an email within 7 days and we will refund your purchase.

So you can invest today and if you change your mind – you pay nothing!

Testimonials and Success Stories...

“Prior to applying for the Police Force at the start of the year. I signed up to Police Prep, just by reading over the documents I was sent and different things to prepare for, I found this extremely helpful when it come to the entrance exam and also the panel interview. I was successful and am now a member of the WA Police. Thanks for the knowledge and skills your program has offered me" – Sam

“Hi John, I just sat my entrance exam for Victoria Police last week and received my score of 211. I was aiming for 230, but still happy. I would like thank you for your excellent course and study material – it helped me immensely. I can say that your study material was comprehensive and spot on. I now have to prepare for the next stage of the process which may be a video interview. I will immerse myself in your study material." - Rob

“Hi John, I just wanted to take a minute to personally Thank you for making such a long hard journey that feels really nerve racking and stressful, as much research as you do it still is a subject that is unknown to some degree. You have personally made me feel so much more confident in all aspects of my application process. I can honestly say for months I have copy and pasted, printed, saved, highlighted and read every little piece of information and forum that exists on the police recruitment process. It has been very draining yet amazing and exciting at the same time. I not so long ago was redirected to your page and BAM there it was all the information I needed all in one pack. I purchased your package and was thoroughly excited to realise that my thinking was defiantly on the right page. I have since watched your video sequence and have today purchased your new Police blueprint which I was also lucky enough to get in the first ten. I can’t wait to read the rest of the e books and start on the blueprint and most of all it reassures me that after all the effort I have put in that there is absolutely no way I’m not getting in." – Ashlie

“Thank you very much for helping me out with access to “The Vault” From the limited time free trial I done back when it was first released it will be a big help to me and I’m sure it will be also a big help to a lot of other people too, you guys a doing a great job at making it easier for police recruits to pass all the tests, Great job!" - Jesse B

"I just wanted to take a minute of out my time to say, thank you for all your videos and information you have provided for everyone and myself. I’m definitely more confident now and I think my dreams are more than possible after watching and investing in your materials such as the Preparation book “Master the NSW police exams”. Once again thanks for everything."  - Sam

“Have been in the police for approx a year now and loving it. Having had the opportunity to have a look at your videos, I must say, they are great value! Your videos on academy prep would be very useful for someone going through or joining the academy and highly recommend it." – Mike

“After successful completion of all aspects of the recruiting process, Queensland police recruiting requested that I re sit the entrance exam to increase my merit because of the competitive status of other applicants. The first time I sat the entrance exam I did not study at all, but I passed. On my merit re sit of the entrance exam, I did so well that I got an offer two weeks later and I am starting in the May intake in 3 weeks at the QLD police academy. I cannot thank you enough for how much the ebook helped me prepare for the type of questions on the entrance exam. I am a university student that receives high grades and did not think I needed to study for the first entrance exam. However, the practice examples and many, many practice questions in the ebook prepared me so well that I was only 1 of 2 out of 45 that re sat the entrance exam that subsequently received an offer two weeks later. I have recommended your ebooks to all other applicants that I ask my advice. Again, I cannot thank you enough for the resources that are specific to the QLD police entrance exams." – Emma

“I’d like to say, big thank you on all your videos and books. I did my exam today and felt very comfortable with questions and answers thanks to you. My only problem was no-one said that it seems impossible to go through all questions at the exam. But after i had a go at Task 1 and saw what it was about, afterwards i felt a lot more comfortable. After answering all 70 questions in Task 3 and had another 3-5 min to spare i saw eyebrows raised on one of the trainer. After everything was done he came to me and said: “Guessing answers is not good idea”! Hehe i was happy to tell him that there was no guessing, just lots of practising through books and listening to John’s videos. I felt proud and good thanks to you. Keep up the good work and because of you and our determination, soon you will see some new and great recruiters." - Mina

“I have just sat my QLD Police Entry Exam today and I feel it necessary to say a huge thank you. I have bought a few of your resources to help me prepare for this day and I’d just like you to know that I felt so confident walking in that room today. I was prepared for what to expect and that was a massive contributor to my calmness today. I used the strategies I have learnt from your ebooks and I left that exam today knowing full well I’d done the best I could do. I don’t mean to go on and on but the information you passed onto me through your very accurate ebooks was a saviour."  - Shannon

“The e-books were definitely a great help in my preparation – and I have been on a discussion forum with another applicant who also downloaded/used your books too. She found a lot of great information in them and seen them as a valuable preparation tool also. Police Interview Questions was gold! That really had me thinking in the right area – where to focus on my answers and of course to have considered responses to certain types of questions too. I found the section ‘Who is the ideal candidate’ very helpful in getting my head around which qualities I possessed and wished to make a point of mentioning in the interview too. Getting Selected – was inspirational – especially the importance of those first 60 seconds – walking into the interview with confidence, the right body language, and I made a mental note of walking in, head high, firm handshake, look in the eye. I even rehearsed with a friend and recorded myself as well to see my excessive hand gesturing. I sat on my hands at one point in the interview to stop this. The interview went for 67 minutes – felt like I had only been in there about 20 minutes…So – I can say that your resources were excellent and I am so pleased that I found them on the internet when I was searching for help."  - Jane

“I’d just to like to take this opportunity to commend you on your media and the way it is presented. I have just recently sat the VICPOL entrance exam. Without your detailed study guide I’m not sure I would have passed. I blitzed it thanks to you. The old brain still functions! Armed with your booklets and a knowledge of information, I am now looking forward to the next phases of my application. Thank you. Money VERY WELL SPENT!!" – Marissa

“I would like to thank you for all the police preparation emails which you have sent me throughout this year. Over three weeks ago or so I purchased the resource pack to prep for my police selection interview. May I say that this was such a big help to me. As I was able to prepare my answers accordingly if the question was asked. It also put me at ease knowing why all these questions are asked during the interview. After my interview I felt confident that I had been the best me I could be. I highly recommend this to those preparing to become a police officer as it also allows you to see if this is the kind of career path that you want to pursue. Thanks again." – Carlalena

“This has given me so much more information than I thought I needed! It’s definitely worth the price! My exam is in 3 days time I feel so much more confident! Thank you." – Emma

“I have found your study material to be very resourceful for the Victoria Police entrance examination, and I can’t thank you enough for a very comprehensive guide." – Lachy

“Just a quick email to follow up on how I went. I purchased your academic pack back near the start of the year in preparation for the PEE exam. As you are probably aware I was successful in passing the entrance testing to continue on with the selection process. To cut a long story short, I begin my new career in at the Academy in Blue squad on 23 November. I’d just like to say that I think you have a very good product for people like myself who without the abstract reasoning section/training, I doubt that I would have progressed past the PEE. So thanks again for your help, and I look forward (still in disbelief) to beginning this new challenge." – Quinn