Why you might have to restart your application……..

Our latest Blog is a repost from 2014, and although things may have changed a little since then, it is definitely a valid reminder to ensure that you submit all of the required documentation needed for your application:

Why you might have to restart your application……..

I heard a shocking story recently. It is a sound warning of some of the unexpected challenges you may face in police selection.

You may have heard that the Police Service is a close-knit community. This is true. But you need to realise one thing…

As a police APPLICANT you are not yet in that community. You are currently an application form on someone’s desk. Or maybe not even that. Your application might be in the police database somewhere – with no physical documents at all!

So if you miss a key step in the process or fail to submit a piece of paperwork. You will just as likely be scrubbed from the whole process.

This happened yesterday to one of our clients. He had already passed EVERY SINGLE test.

So was it a case of re-submitting the said piece of documentation? Not at all. He is now required to re-apply from the very beginning…

Remember… you are not a police officer… yet. 

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